Best rates availables

Plan your stay at Hotel Almoria in advance and take advantage of our best rates. Up to 16% discount on the room rate.

4 types of rates are offered:

Rack rate : Pay for your stay at the hotel, with a maximum cancellation, free of charge on the third day from your date of arrival.

Single night rate:  Best rate for a single-night stay. 8% discount on the advertised rate, enjoy a short weekend! 

Two-night rate : Take advantage of a 12% discount for a stay of two consecutive nights at our hotel.

Three nights or more rate:  Take the time to discover Deauville and the services on offer at Hotel Almoria, 16% discount for a maximum stay of 3 consecutive nights ! 

Reservation with full payment in advance of the stay, with no cancellation, amendment or refund for any reason.

Tip > Our booking engine opposite offers the best rates available according to the date of your stay. We also offer these rates by telephone + 33 (0)

Don’t forget, the longer your stay, the bigger your discount!

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Extras (not included)

  • Tourist tax: €1.50 per person, per day
  • Breakfast: €17.00 per person, per day
  • Breakfast (up to 12 years old): €10.00 per person, per day
  • No Parking available.



Important information

  • Check-in time: 4pm / Check-out time: 11.30am
  • Accepted payment methods: Cash – Bank card (Visa / MasterCard) – AMEX – “Chèques Vacances ANCV” (holiday vouchers issued in France only).
  • Please note that pets are not permitted on our premises.
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