Sauna, hammam & balnéo

For relaxation, we have various treatments on offer including: dry heat treatments in the Sauna or steam heat in the Hammam or the balnéo bath.

Private room for 1 to 2 people.

Rates :

  • Instant Détente (Sauna/Hammam/Lounge) 1hour: €56
  • Instant Bien-Etre (Instant Détente + hydro-jet session 1 hour solo 66€, 1 hour 30 mins as a couple €86 (Supplement of €19 per person for a 20-minute hydro-massage bath).
  • Instant d’Ô (Instant détente + 20 minute balnéo session) 1 hour 30 mins solo €66 or as a couple at €86.

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A hydro-jet table (a hot water massage bed) is also available for your total relaxation. You can choose the massage treatment that suits you best on site:

  • Back special
  • Relaxation
  • Heavy legs
  • Toning

Private room for 1 person. Bathing suit advised.

Rates :

  • 25 € for a 20 Minutes session
  • Instant Bien-Etre (Instant Détente (see description above) + hydro-jet session 1 hour solo 66€, 1hour 30 mins as a couple 86€
  • Option to add express collagen facial treatment + €15 per session (UV glasses provided)

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Massage room

Private room with shower, for 1 or 2 people.

A wellness practitioner is available within Hotel Almoria. You can have a look at the various massage treatments on the massage list below. Do not hesitate to contact reception for further information.

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